Model. Skater. Guitarist. Maker.

With his sun-kissed, beach-tousled, SoCal vibe, Lucas Bin has presented the perfect portrait of skater chic for brands including Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, and Forever 21. But along with his perfect curls, this southern California native carries a sensitivity and sophistication far beyond his years—and far more layered than his sun-and-surf demeanor might suggest. With a deep-seeded desire to convey emotional truth, to inspire empathy, and to catalyze action, Lucas is already an artist to the core.

A passionate musician with a penchant for visual art, Lucas is always creating something, but his daily guitar practice has secured music a prime spot on his creative horizon. His guitar savvy has inspired him to explore a variety of instruments, and despite his formidable skill, Lucas remains determined to keep getting better.

Though he’s just begun recording demos with friends, the process of creating takes precedence over producing product. The acts of writing and playing music encapsulate his lifelong love of art, philosophy, and, of course, skateboarding. With a knack for finding inspiration in the people and places around him, the portrait of this artist as a young man is soulful and searching, certainly not your everyday heartthrob skating off into the sunset.

Inspired. Inspiring. Visionary.



Bio by Merrill Feitell