Holistic Life-Hacker. Healthfood Honcho. Healer.

Courtney James (CJ) is a New York-based nutritional and lifestyle coach who incorporates her vast knowledge of holistic wellness that she has accumulated during her years of traveling and modeling around the globe. She was born in Perth, Australia but has lived in Paris, Sydney, London, the South of France, New York and now mostly Los Angeles.

When Courtney was young she often felt ill, having constant stomach issues and pain as well as a weak immune system that made her prone to getting sick very easily. When she started modeling and traveling, it became even more imperative to take her health into her own hands and make sure that her body and mind felt their best.

Her goal is to help her clients feel self-empowered, vibrant and supported. Courtney recognizes how challenging it can be to have a busy lifestyle filled with travel and constant change in an industry that can be very demanding. She is passionate about helping others find out what works positively for them to be at their optimum. Having studied at the University of Western Australia and furthermore at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she became aware that helping others in the area of health and wellness is what inspires her.

Inspired. Inspiring. Visionaries.