Model. Photographer. Happy-Accident Maker.

If there’s an indelible life lesson to be learned from the career of Diego Villarreal it’s that the difference between disaster and mere mishap has a lot to do with attitude. His snap-on bowl-cut was officially a mistake—but he rolled with it and the look has now become his signature. The shaved eyebrow was deliberate—a practice he began at the age of twelve in order to look tough, and that bit of bald imperfection has been made famous by Fendi, Givency, and Versace, to name just a few.

The native Spaniard likes to dismiss his good looks as if they’re just a happy accident, but when he stands on the other side of the camera, his artistry and skill simply can not be denied. Diego’s photographs invoke the gritty joy of hedonistic youth as captured by Nan Goldin—except that Diego’s cast of friends is comprised of fellow models. Inspired by the likes of Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, and Guy Bourdin, Diego brings an assurance and expertise to work in photography, already earning himself shoots for Odda and brands including Gap and Calvin Klein.

And, of course, his hapless happenstance persists in this new career as well; he landed his first photography job by accident too— showing up at precisely the right time and place to shoot the Kardashian clan for Fendi.

Inspired. Inspiring. Visionary.



Bio by Merrill Feitell