Expressionist. Surrealist. Absurdist. Painter.

With his own picture-perfect features showcased on behalf of Gap and Tom Ford, Liam Little’s paintings present an interesting twist. With exaggerated features, distorted shapes, and disembodied human fragments, his figurative works offer a parade of vibrant and surprisingly endearing grotesques.

Liam is largely self-taught, but he grew up with a step-father who’s an award-winning impressionist painter— and from whom Liam has picked up some pointers. He’s also inspired by surrealist and abstract-expressionist painters such as René Magritte, Francis Bacon, and Philip Guston.

A musician throughout high school, Liam’s creative energy shifted to painting when he moved to NYC to pursue his modeling career—and with a habit of producing a new painting each day, his Bushwick apartment is quickly filling with the vibrant faces and figures he paints. Though he considers some day selling his works on canvas, Liam also imagines licensing his art to be printed on skateboards, allowing him to keep his canvases while still sharing his vision with the world.

Inspired. Inspiring. Visionary.



Bio by Merrill Feitell

“Painting, for me, is where I go to kind of cheer myself up sometimes—a space to express myself”