Model. Musician. Motown Proud.

Emilia Schmier, aka Mia, grew up just outside of Detroit and started her first band with her twin sister at the age of eight—and she’s been drumming it up ever since. Encouraged by their musician father, the sisters have been fronting a series of bands as they discovered and developed their signature sound. They’ve now landed as Stereo Jane, a 4-piece loaded with old soul yet perfectly primed for pop culture.

Proud of Motown’s illustrious history, Mia is excited to do her part in bringing attention to the city’s present day music scene—and with a debut album set for release by Atlantic Records, Stereo Jane is securing Motown’s spot on the map all over again.

Though she has been developing her hypnotic drumming since childhood and only began modeling in high school, Mia is finding that the runway drives an adrenaline rush akin to being onstage. Her first modeling jobs have already launched her across state lines, and whether her future travels are driven by modeling or music, Mia is ready to take on the world and to bring along her own bit of Motown wherever she goes.

Inspired. Inspiring. Visionary.



Bio by Merrill Feitell

“Emilia is a metronome with groove” – Metro Times