Cartoonist. Creator. Millennial Curator.

Whether it’s the sweaty struggle of a summer in the city, a horrendous hangover thanks to Mr. Tequila, or the dreaded -gasp- ghosting; Arianna Margulis and her Sharpie encompass the combat of a day to day millennial. Sprinkled across explore pages, timelines, and group DMs – everyone can relate to Arianna’s sarcastic, witty, and spot-on situational sketches. Born from the blahs of a breakup and Arianna’s lifelong devotion to doodling, ButLikeMaybe first surfaced on Instagram in 2015. “My revenge is my art. I wasn’t cool growing up and I still struggle to feel secure. But @ButLikeMaybe is helping me figure it all out and finding pride in being a weirdo. I have a lot of pent up 7th grade anger but I think honestly it’s helped me push myself to where I am.” From “likes” to library; keep an eye out for Arianna’s first book, “But Like Maybe Don’t – What Not To Do When Dating”, out now.

Inspired. Inspiring. Visionary.

“Prepare to Be Obsessed w/ @butlikemaybe.”
– Carina Hsieh, Cosmopolitan
“These Comics Perfectly Capture The Struggles Of Being A Millennial Woman.”
– Kaylin Pound, Elite Daily





Bio by Sydney Curtis

“It’s okay to make mistakes. My life has been a beautiful jumble of them that made me who I am.”