Surfer. Doula. Investment Maverick. Women’s Advocate.

When she’s not helping women through a natural birthing process, Clara Settje has found other profound ways to help a sister out. Having worked steadily since the age of fourteen, she found herself sitting on substantial savings and it took no small effort to figure out something worthwhile to do with it. With a couple of real estate investments under her belt, she’s now flexing her fiery determination to help other young women make the most of their money.

Forging a network of models who may have money but need a support system to figure out what to do with it, she calls this collective the Starter House Girls. As a group, they’re getting an education in business and finance—ultimately planning to invest together in real estate and in start-ups they’re truly passionate about. An early contender? Possibly clean beauty products that keep our bodies and the environment free of chemicals.

An avid surfer and an all-around athlete you’re as likely to find skiing down the slopes as rock-climbing her way up them, Clara credits her vibrant outdoor life with the palpable joy she brings to all her endeavors—which is to say that her greatest wish for the Starter House Girls is to secure a future with plenty of time for play.

Inspired. Inspiring. Visionary.



Bio by Merrill Feitell

“Surfing to me is reminiscent of the feeling of play when I was a kid. It reminds me to live my life around the things that bring me joy”