Actress. Entrepreneur. Undie Artist.

Actress. Entrepreneur. Undie Artist. 

Emily Labowe inspires double takes every time she leaves the house—and her striking resemblance to actress and icon Jane Birkin isn’t the only reason why. Her playful irreverence and her down-to-earth approach to beauty are sure to stop you in your tracks as well—not to mention the fact that she’s self-described as a model and actress with a sweet spot for embroidering underwear on the side.

And it’s true. When she’s not popping up in Pepsi ads, Hedi Slimane’s diary, or collaborations with Maje, All Saints, or Lisa Says Gah, Emily is the embroidery machine behind Poppy Undies, a small batch Los Angeles based line of sustainably made embroidered intimates, wear, and paper. Forsaking stencils and relying on free-flowing inspiration, a fact that brings an appropriate (or is it inappropriate?) intimacy to her intimates. With flattering French cotton high-waisted panties as her canvas, Emily hand-stitches each pair with witty one-liners, a smorgasbord of fresh fruit and veggies, or a standalone animal, botanical, or mythical figure.

With its latest collection showcasing finds from the fruitful farmers markets of Los Angeles, the line gives another nod to mother Earth. Poppy Undies proudly practices sustainable and environmentally responsible processes, down to low-waste and recyclable packaging. As comfortable, sassy, and playful as Emily herself, Poppy Undies are designed to make you feel good every day—which, Emily knows, is the real secret to feeling sexy.

Blooming into new avenues, Emily introduced Poppy Paper – an art newspaper featuring work from prominent artists around the globe such as Devendra Banhart and LA chef Javier Ramos highlighting their art, words, and imagery relating to themes of body, femininity, love, heart break, and self acceptance.

Sold in pop-up shops, through her Poppy Undies website, and on various sites promoting indie makers, this established model, burgeoning actress, and head-turning entrepreneur is—single-handedly—redefining sexy.

Inspired. Inspiring. Visionary.