Scent-sory Sparkplug. Storyteller. Spiritual Sensei.


Stella Banderas is a constellation of creativity, and she’s got the name to prove it. Stella, translating directly to the word star, fits this star girl perfectly. Somewhere between her birthplace of Spain, the country of passion; and Los Angeles, the city of golden hour – she found herself in a galaxy of inspiration. Her creative mission began as a penwoman, majoring in Narrative Studies in college. Putting pen to paper, she regularly wrote columns with a nod to her home country and childhood, for Vanity Fair Spain. When the dreaded case of writers block would hit, she looked to a past time that has kept her grounded since her childhood, yoga. “I’ve been practicing yoga since I was a kid. It was something that I always sort of flowed in and out of and find that I’m my most balanced when I’m consistent with it.”

With the intention of learning more about the art of yoga and diving deeper into what moves her and keeps her grounded, she earned her yoga certification. Within this realm of spirituality, she wanted to create a curated space with a nod to the three homes – the soul, the body, and earth. She set off on a new mission and began concocting scented oils that harmoniously nodded to the three homes along with her love of environmentalism, perfume, and yoga. With that, a new star was born – Lightbound by Stella – her first line of handcrafted fragrances launching soon.

In preparation of Lightbound by Stella’s launch, she sniffed out a platform to engage all 5 senses and introduced The Lightbound Letter; a weekly collection of musings, music, mantras, and more. To stay in the know, and the glow – click here to subcribe.


Bio by Sydney Curtis