Scent-sory Sparkplug. Storyteller. Spiritual Sensei.


Stella Banderas is a constellation of creativity, and she’s got the name to prove it. “Stella” translates directly to the word star, a fitting name for such a dynamic luminary. Somewhere between her birthplace of Spain, the country of passion; and Los Angeles, the city of golden hour – she found herself in a galaxy of inspiration. Her creative mission began as a writer, regularly contributing columns with a nod to her home country and childhood for Vanity Fair Spain. Harnessing her natural abilities as a story teller, Stella has shifted to a new medium to convey these narratives, through the transformational power of scent. The newly launched LIGHTBOUND explores a realm of spirituality, curating scents which connect to the “three homes” – the soul, the body, and earth.

The first of these perfume oils – ALMA – conjures up memories of Semena Santa (or Holy Week) in Spain, during which the ritual burning of incense blends with the sweet scent of traditional desert. The power of scent, more than any other sense, has the ability to transport – the power of which Stella harnesses as a means to evoke the reverence for the spaces most sacred to her and her family.