Penwoman. Performer. Painter. Photographer.
Born and raised in the heart of entertainment; Los Angeles, its no wonder that Romy Reiner caught the creative bug at a young age. She got her start in front of the camera with a bang; being featured in Teen Vogue and walking their runway. However, Romy still had the itch to do more with her talents and picked up her weapons of choice – a paintbrush, a pen, and a camera. “It’s all about your own perspective”, Romy stated while giving a keynote speech at the Sedona Photo Festival where she shared her own experiences behind and in front of the lens. One of her favorite subjects to photograph has a special place in her heart – animals. She has volunteered with various dog shelters in Los Angeles and traveled to Thailand to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary, where she rehabilitated abused elephants. This arsenal of creative outlets under her belt led Romy to her next victim – improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade where she found her love for writing and acting. Penning her title as writer and co executive producer, Romy sold a half hour script Born Again VirginĀ to Warner Bros Television. When she finds herself with writers block, she hones in on her other mediums – painting, drawing, and doodling. Some of her sketching subjects highlight her passion for political activism – sharing her cartoons and her voice on Twitter throughout the 2020 election. Whether its in front of the camera, on the big screen, or through her lens – Romy has a quick-witted, compelling perspective.
Bio by Sydney Curtis