Twins. Tune Tailors. Stage Sisters

Double the musical talent, double the fun. Rio and Zoe’s musical talents are of mint condition. Born and raised in sunny Long Beach, California, the Infante Twins embody the coveted “California cool”. Growing up in a rock & roll afflicted abode, the girls first picked up guitars as babies. They are also no strangers to a stage, making cameos as kids at their father Joe’s rock shows. The twins’ band, Strawberry Army, was locally grown in 2018. Zoe fronts the band with her sirenic singing and stellar stage presence, and Rio rocks the bass guitar reigning as ruler of rhythm. Keeping it all in the family, the girls looked to rocking relative Maxim to cultivate the sweet sounds of surf punk. Perhaps it was fate that the inspiration drawn from fellow Orange County band, No Doubt, led them to working with No Doubt’s drummer himself, Adrian Young. When the girls aren’t budding beats in the studio, catch them growing their list of gigs in Orange County.

Inspired. Inspiring. Visionary.



Bio by Sydney Curtis