Photographer. Painter. Creativity Passionista.

Born and raised in an artistic family in Brooklyn, Lua Beaulieu has been collaborating with New York artists since she was a kid. Equipped with her dad’s Pentax camera and his passion for photography, Lua has also proven herself to be as adept behind the camera as she is in front of it, but her artistic attention shifted during her studies at Cooper Union, which excited her interest in painting and the kind of abstraction it enables her to achieve.

Growing up in a half-Brazilian, half-American household, Lua has always been inspired by the space she occupies between cultures — and her paintings explore this duality. She has a real knack for representing multiple places and spaces in a single painting, bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out, blurring the line between architecture and environment, using the canvas to capture the state of being neither here nor there but solidly in between.

Excited by critique and conversation, Lua is ever drawn to communities of artists—and with her eye cast on putting together a solo show, she continues to explore subject matter and technique, developing a visual lexicon that she imagines will come together in future paintings, like the letters of an alphabet.

Inspired. Inspiring. Visionary.


Lua Beaulieu Art


Bio by Merrill Feitell