Creativity has always been in the cards for Kim Krans. Her journey began in New York City where she moved to study the craft of visual arts; including drawing, sculpting, and even working as an exhibitionist at the Guggenheim museum. After spending the night on a bed carved with The Magician Arcana while on tour with her band, a new medium materialized – tarot decks. Creating a community of dreamers, seekers, and those looking for a little guidance; The Wild Unknown was born. The name –crystalized from Bob Dylan’s song, Isis–encompasses the Wild Unknown as a community, a feeling, a piece of Kim herself, as well as a world within ourselves yet to be discovered.

Melding the worlds of nature, reality, and the beyond in true metaphysicist fashion; her Tarot, Animal Spirit, and Archetype decks are emblazoned with mystic symbols including owls, crystals, bones, cosmic collages, alchemy, and more. Learning not only about the universe and the divine mystic, she discovered another universe within herself – writing. With a multi-force as strong as mother nature herself, Kim’s writing and drawing led her to sign multiple publishing deals with Harper One and Penguin Random House, unveiling a release of tarot cards, oracle decks, guidebooks, journals, and children’s books into the world. Next up, a genre-bending graphic memoir, truly visionary in its scope and execution.


The Wild Unknown



Bio by Sydney Curtis