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There are a lot of layers to Amy Hixson’s brand of beauty. And if you think her Instagram feed showcases her dimension with its winning mix of sultry desert shots, runway sophistication, Dali paintings, and the rescue dogs she helped shepherd from hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico, just wait until you see her art.

Inspired by her grandfather, an accomplished portrait and nature artist, Amy has always kept a hand in the arts—even while striding onto the runway for Armani and establishing herself as a fashion spread dream-come-true for top fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle, and Glamour.

Amy’s collaged works repurpose the forsaken scraps of our day-to-day lives—wax paper and fabric scraps—bringing a heart-wrenching beauty to the ephemeral and the act of recycling. But there’s another layer to the beauty of these works too: Through the Create LA collective, Amy models her practice to struggling teens, demonstrating ways to express themselves through art—even without pricey supplies.

Now stepping into stride as an oil painter, Amy’s most recent work is a portrait series of sleeping Syrian children, capturing stolen moments of unimaginable peace and prompting a new dimension to our awareness of the daily impacts of war. A participant in charity shows like Art Against Hate or the Brewery Artwalk benefit for at-risk teens, Amy is dedicated to putting her art to work for a greater cause, which, of course, is yet another beautiful thing.

Inspired. Inspiring. Visionary. 

  1. @amyhixson
  2. @aimslow (art page)

Bio by Merrill Feitell

“Begin by learning to draw and paint like the old masters. After that, you can do as you like; everyone will respect you.” – Salvador Dali

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